About Recycling

Carib Glassworks has been recycling glass since its inception in 1948. CGL obtains its cullet (the raw material term for used glass) from landfills and dumps, bars, hotels, schools, community groups and residential associations, private and public companies and individuals. In addition to these local sources, cullet is also imported from regional and extra regional sources.

Glass packaging has an advantage over other types of packaging material as far as the impact on the environment is concerned (glass is a 100% recyclable). All glass containers melted and reshaped will make new containers without any loss to quality, thus there is no place for glass in the trash bin. We are promoting greater awareness for the importance of glass recycling and to encourage the public to recycle used glass by depositing them in glass recycling bins. This will in turn remove excess burdens from our landfills and dumps and will preserve and conserve the earth's natural resources like sand and limestone.

Carib Glass encourages communities to get involved in the recycling programme.

If you have a community group, residents' association, school, private or public company, hotel, restaurant or bar, we will be happy to  work with you to start your own glass recycling project.


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