Carib Glassworks Ltd.

List of Locations

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Why Recycle?

Recycling glass has many environmental benefits.


Recycling in the region


Carib Glassworks Limited has historically supported recyclers across the region by purchasing and consuming all their used glass. We have the capacity to consume in excess of 100 container loads of cullet per day and continuously pursue new opportunities to increase our collections. We invite anyone who has glass to recycle to help us fill our demand and in turn, we will help you fulfill your objectives. Used glass can be shipped either broken or crushed but should not be contaminated with metal, wood or plastics.


We take pride in doing our part to protect the beauty of our country. We have strategically dispersed a large quantity of recycling bins across Trinidad and Tobago for the convenience of environs. We welcome any form of used glass; beer and wine bottles, etc. You name it. This initiative greatly reduces waste and environmental pollution overall while conserving natural resources like sand and limestone.


We encourage communities, businesses, schools and individuals to get involved. Let us recycle your old glass bottles and containers for you.

If you would like to get involved in our programme, come to us so we can work with your community and together, we will keep the environment beautiful, healthy and clean.